Drugco Health Care Program

Wellness Program

wellness program

DrugCo Health believes in an approach to patient health that is complete and encompasses the entire patient. Our wellness program strives to help patients with all aspects of their health. This program teaches bleed management strategies, personalized training exercises, nutrition plans, and routines to increase physical and emotional well-being.

Our experts assist in teaching bleed management strategies to patients of all ages, such as KT tape, ace bandage wrapping for specific joints, and other techniques to help with pain management.

wellness program

Personalized strength training routines are designed to help preserve joint health, ultimately decreasing bleeds, pain, and increasing physical and emotional well-being.

This program constructs nutrition plans to meet individual needs to provide the proper nutrient intake.

With Drugco Health’s wellness program, the opportunity to achieve success in your life is endless, creating a healthier version of you.

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